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2013 Adams S, Super S & LS Clubs

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Adams Super LS XTD Fairway

  • Hitting those Par 5s in two just got much easier for you. Yeah, it's that hot. The USGA limit for spring-like effect is 256, and this is near the limit at 250. That's because of the refined slots on the sole and crown plus the multi-materials that are built into this club.
  • All combined for a super hot fairway wood that can also be adjusted specific to your preference with 16 tunable settings. BOOM!

Adams Super LS Driver- Graphite

  • "Easy to hit … easy to fit." With the quick-adjusting Adams SUPER LS Driver, you can dial it in for the exact loft and lie angle for efficient ball flight with perfect trajectory and spin.
  • You want max distance and need a club that's custom-fit to you? Tune the SUPER LS Driver to your swing and your body so that the very last thing you're worrying about on the course is that first shot from the tee.

Adams Super S Driver

  • Easy to hit... super far. The new Adams SUPER S Driver is a big bomber that allows you to easily adjust loft so your ball flight is perfect for more yards and more fairways.
  • The large white crown and contrasting black face will give you all the confidence you need to stripe your next fairway with a big drive.
  • 1st driver with VST expanding the sweet spot for consistently longer drives.

Adams Super S Hybrid

  • Easy to hit... like a pro. You may not play on Tour, but you'll feel like it with the #1 Hybrid on Tour.
  • Cut-Thru VST in the sole increases CT to 230 creating an ultra hot stainless steel hybrid.
  • Refined Crown Slot creates higher launch angle without increasing spin for longer carry distance.

Adams Super S Fairway

  • "Easy to hit. From anywhere." You're gonna have a tough decision after hitting the SUPER S Fairway Wood - "do I even need my driver?" That's what ridiculous distance and easy-to-hit performance will do to a golfer.
  • Distance from the tee box or on that long second shot into a Par 5 . no problem.
  • Cut-Thru VST in the sole increases CT to 230 creating an ultra hot face for incredible ball speeds.

Adams Super LS XTD Hybrid

  • "Easy to hit … on tour." There are many reasons Adams hybrids, like the Adams Super LS XTD Hybrid, have been the #1 hybrid played on the PGA Tour since 2008. The #1 reason is incredible performance.
  • The #2 reason is that they're easier to hit than any of others. Pros like easy to hit stuff, you'll like it too.
  • We added the bells and whistles on the Super LS Hybrid so that you can adjust it to your specs, hit it low, hit it high, bend it around the corner. Whatever shot you need, this delivers.

Adams Super S Iron Set

  • "Easy to hit... more greens." If you like double bogeys, these aren't for you. That's because Adams SUPER S Hybrid Irons are so easy to hit ... you'll hit them longer, straighter and more consistent than your old irons.
  • Playing the SUPER S Hybrid Irons guarantee you more fun with those long approach shots and tough pitches into the greens. Take it from the hybrid iron leader - these clubs will bring you happier times.
  • Patented Gapping Technology blends the #1 hybrids in golf with easy to hit irons for more distance and forgiveness.