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Winn Grips

Winn Grips

Winn Grips has its roots in the seemingly unlikely combination of rocket science and tennis.

Founded in 1973 by Dr. Ben Huang, Winn began as a tennis ball manufacturer. An aerospace engineer by training, Dr. Huang had, in the 1960s, worked under Dr. Wernher Von Braun to develop the Saturn V rocket which eventually took Armstrong to the moon. The Georgia Institute of Technology, impressed by Dr. Huang's work, subsequently invited him to establish the university's Graduate School of Aerospace Engineering. A successful ten year professorship ensued, but Dr. Huang felt restless and eager for new challenges.

Dr. Huang's leap into the business world allowed him to act upon his long held passion for tennis. From the manufacturing of tennis balls to tennis racquet string to tennis grips, Dr. Huang honed his ever increasing expertise in polymer materials, the key component that now distinguishes Winn golf grips.

But it took a frustrating week at golf camp to inspire Dr. Huang's shift from tennis accessory development to golf grip innovation. At the Golf Digest Academy in Silverado, California, professionals Jim Flick and Paul Ryan put Dr. Huang's golf game through the wringer. Throughout the rigorous training, Dr. Huang found himself struggling with his grip. "My rubber grips were so slippery and uncomfortable," he remembers, "that I had to overcompensate by squeezing my grips so hard that I was practically strangling them. Of course, the tension in my hands and arms made it impossible for me to make a smooth swing. I knew I could design a better grip-not just for me, but for all golfers."

Hence the quest of Winn Grips to perfect a golf grip that provides superior shock absorption, excellent slip-resistance, and unparalleled feel. At Winn we've always understood that fundamentally a better grip means a better game.


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