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Swingrite Mens Training Aids

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The SwingRite golf swing trainer can be swung indoors, or out. It's ideal for when there is no time to get out on the course or when the weather is bad. Since it can be used anywhere, at any moment, it provides a quick and easy way to reinforce muscle memory, a necessary aspect of improving and perfecting your golf swing. Because it is adjustable to swing speeds between 55 mph and 125 mph you can practice all types of swings from full swing to chip. And as any golfer knows, the only real way to improve at golf is to understand the basic principles of the swing and work on them. You can work on four of the most essential parts of the golf swing: tempo, swing speed, and hand release. The SwingRite helps improve wrist hinge, also called "lag", which is very important in the golf swing. Your wrist joints are among some of the fastest in your body. Hinge your wrists on the backswing, then unhinge them at the correct spot on the downswing, and your clubhead speed will explode. It's all about timing. Try to get the fastest part of the downswing to occur near the bottom of the swing arc. If you release the club too early or too late, you are robbing yourself of speed. This is exactly what the SwingRite does! It gets you to unhinge those wrists at the bottom of the swing, creating correct release and excellent clubhead speed which results in maximum distance. The SwingRite has sold over 1 million units since 1960. If that isn't a testimonial in itself, what is? Try one today and see why this amazing training aid has stood the test of time. Who Can Use and Benefit From The SwingRite? The SwingRite is perfect for men, women, and juniors of all ages and levels! How Does It Work? The SwingRite will "click" where you are releasing your hands. The goal is to have the SwingRite click in the impact zone (where the ball is). If it clicks before or after this zone, you are releasing at the wrong point. With consistent practice with the SwingRite, making sure you get the "click" to happen at the bottom each time, muscle memory will take over and you will groove your swing in the correct way. Take this practice swing to your regular clubs and let the muscle memory take over. You will be pleasantly surprised at how the distance and accuracy of your shots dramatically improve. The SwingRite is the #1 recommended golf training aid in the world by the World Golf Teacher's Federation (WGTF) and the International PGA! Product Information: 100% USA made, Length: 34 1/4" Weight: 17 ounces. Each unit comes with an instructional brochure.

swing head


Sean "The Beast" Fister - 3x World Long Drive Champion.
"I have come to depend on the SwingRite to warm up before I practice and it definitely reduces the early mis-hits from warming up from the start with a driver."

Michael Breed- PGA teaching professional, host of "The Golf Fix" on the Golf Channel, Golf Digest's Top 100 Golf teachers in America
"I enjoy using the SwingRite when I teach because it allows me to teach people to release the energy at the right spot in golf swing. It allows me to hold the angle in the wrists and gets people to practice the right stuff without me (or whomever their teacher might be) having to be there."

Ted Sheftic - Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher- New Oxford, PA
"Kate, just thought I would like to let you know about the success that I have had using your SwingRite training aid. I have used the SwingRite now for eight years, the students that have purchased SwingRite from me and have used it correctly have improved several areas of there swing, the most important improvement was the speed that they developed in hitting through the ball instead of hitting at it. I have one student Don Alwalt who purchased it from me and went from not being able to not be able to click it at 8 to a 1 today, he now hits the ball over 270 yards. My son Mark who is the lead instructor at Merion Golf Club enjoys teaching with Swing Rite. With repetitive SwingRite practice students will improve IMPACT, CLUBHEAD LAG, and develop so much more speed hitting through the ball. One other note: Swing Rite is designed to practice indoors, this can now be used with there exercise program. I endorse your SwingRite to anybody that wants to improve there swing. Thank you."

Directions on use:

1. Set head at #9 position (#1 is the hardest and #9 is the easiest.) Always start at #9

2. Pull ring toward grip end beyond triggers as far as it will go. This will make sure the unit is re-set and ready to go.

3. Now take a regular swing.

4. Where did you hear the click? If it clicked early, try slowing down your swing a bit.

5. To adjust for swing speed, turn the head one number at a time down towards the #1 position. Stop at each number and make sure the click happens at the bottom. When you get to a number where the SwingRite doesn't click, turn it back towards the last number it clicked on. This will be your practice number.

6. If you want to increase your club head speed, turn it down to the harder number (where it didn't click) and swing a little bit harder.

7. Remember, you don't want to over swing. So if you turn it to a low number, make sure you are remembering all the fundamentals of a good swing.

For instructions, click here!