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Anonymous - u play blades ? then buy these   April 4, 2013

I shoot in the 70's . Currently play Nike VR pro Blades

The Wilsons:

Oustanding set of Blades, I have been nothing but a blade player all my life , it's what I learned on .

Someone said these are just the Wilson Fg59's without the FG59 stamping, I'm sorry but they are incorrect , the trailing edge of the FG59 has much more of a bevel than these clubs , also there is a slightly larger "hump" on the muscle of these irons than the 59.

I saw the sale price on these and jumped , my swing is right at the mark between regular and stiff so I wasn't afraid to try a set or regulars and heck for the price if I didn't like them I could change the shafts to my S300's and still be in the black . after having the shaft stiffness checked out after I got them the shafts actually swing right at the beginning of the stiff range .

I actually like these shafts , it did take some getting used to the high ball flight

but with blades high ball flight is not a bad thing my Nike Blades I could hit high but I had to try and do that these go high on their own *not* balloon high , shot shaping is not a problem as you could imagine .

PRO's =

These are a solid set of classic blades with smallish heads and no offset just like they should be if you want blades. If you hit them right you are rewarded by the feel splashing through soft butter, if you miss them, it will sting .

Game improvement club ? Yes this is a true game improvement club , learn to swing correctly and you will never need another set of unfeeling size of a small car set of irons again .


No 3 iron ;-)

The finish on the sole goes from shiny to Matte within 100 balls , that's a little quick but as long as the chrome stays on it's not a problem although it does bug me .

Wilson Customer service seems to know nothing about these irons and they are not on their website , Edwin Watts CS has the specs for loft and lie if you ask but not to many other details .

Overall if you play Blades these are awesome and my Nike's are for sale .