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Insider Review -   June 19, 2012

I know Golf Digest rated the new Metal-X Putters technology best in class, with respect to sound, feel and looks, on its new Hot List. And it comes as no surprise, really. The insert gives you excellent, soft feedback on every putt. The company claims in its marketing that small oval depressions on the putter face create a temporary lock with the ball dimples, to help impart a more consistent roll. Whatever the engineering specifics are, it truly works. And the midnight black finish reduces glare and flat-out looks terrific. I love blade-style putters – have pretty much used them for most of my golf life. And this particular model exceeds my expectations. Love the offset, plus the contrast created by the dark finish and the lighter-shaded insert. For whatever reason, it looks perfect to my eyes at address. And when you’re confident in the way a putter looks, you will undoubtedly putt well with it. Question is: Are you ready to use a mid-length putter shaft? If you are, I would definitely suggest trying this one right up front. You may quickly fall in love.