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Anonymous - Made this beginner a whole lot better   August 10, 2012

Long-winded story from a newbie golfer ...

I'd kinda been learning to play a little off and on for the last year. I'd maybe played 10-12 rounds and 20-ish evenings at the range. I was using an ancient set of off-brand blades and woods with screws in the face that my father handed down to me, which I believe he picked up at a garage sale about the time I was born 30 years ago. He never played much golf, which is why I didn't start until company perks started paying for it.

I was mis-hitting all the time, and not really enjoying myself aside from all the beer-drinking with my friends/coworkers. Eventually, someone had the idea to let me hit with his irons, and I immediately didn't suck so bad. That opened the flood gates for me to finally look into investing in a good set of clubs for myself. I played the next several rounds using friends'/coworkers' irons and seemed to hit best with Callaway equipment.

I wanted a complete matching set that was good for beginners, but that I could grow with. After watching tons of youtube reviews, the RAZR X HL seemed like a great fit. I took advantage of the British Open sale and paired this combo set (4H, 5H, 6-SW) with RAZR Hawk (5W, 3W and 10.5 draw).

I've spent a few evenings at the range and played 4 rounds with the new set. I couldn't be happier. The game is much more fun when you don't suck. I was a double-bogey golfer a few weeks ago, and now I'm a bogey golfer. Seriously dropped 18 strokes with these clubs in 4 rounds. Of course, any decent set probably would've done as much, but the selection of clubs in this combo set at the on sale price was hard to beat.

Speaking of beating ... who said hybrids are hard to hit? I'm smacking the crap out of the ball with these hybrids. What a great way to give a new golfer some distance. I don't miss not having long irons in the bag at all.

I'm really glad I went with the 4H, 5H, 6-SW. The other option for a 3H, 4H, 5-PW, would've meant I'd still have to buy a SW or AW, and I feel like the 3H would be too close to 5W anyway.

So for the rest of the newbies reading reviews and those looking to get more serious about playing well, I consider this hybrid combo set an extremely good value. That's the end of this long-winded review from someone who really doesn't know all that much about golf.