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TaylorMade Tour Ghost MA-81 Mens Putters Steel
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TaylorMade Tour Ghost MA-81 Mens Putters Steel

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Anonymous -   July 27, 2013

It's hard to write a review about a putter. Picking out a putter is a very personal thing, you have to like the look, feel, set up, weight, alignment marks etc etc but here's my two cents on this putter. I absolutely love it. While I'm not a bad putter (my foursome calls me Mr. Two Putt) I also don't make a lot of one putts. Now while its nice not to three putt it's hard to score when you're constantly two putting. So I went to Edwin Watts and started experimenting with what I thought I needed. I thought Ping had a unique approach with their customized swing arc putters but I couldn't really tell a huge difference among the strokes. One of the employees noticed me fiddling around and after watching me hit he noticed I wasn't closing the toe fully on the way through and was leaving putts out to the right. As soon as he gave me the MA-81 with the sole weight in the toe I immediately made 4 putts in a row to 4 different cups. I was sold. I normally steer away from golf clubs with the word "Tour" in the title but not this time. I would've never picked up this putter had it not been for the staff at Edwin Watts. I noticed the other putters in this line have a weight in the toe and heel which you can adjust much like Driver weights but this mallet head was the one for me. So if you're having trouble squaring the face I think this putter is worth a try. Dont let the Tour label fool you!

Insider Review -   July 10, 2012

The white finish stands out against green grass. The clubhead is kind of a simple looking flanged mallet with a single stroke path line behind the ball for aligning putts. The “titallium-alloy” face insert promotes forward spin and smooth roll, according to the company website, and I really believe that works as advertised. Weighting just seems to feel proper throughout your stroke.