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Adams Speedline Fast12 Mens Drivers Graphite
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Adams Speedline Fast12 Mens Drivers Graphite

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Anonymous -   November 21, 2013

I purchased this driver looking to improve from the tee and keep the cost down. This driver has deffinatly helped me improve from the tee and didn't break the bank. And for the price it is deffinatly worth every penny. I reciently have started playing again and bought a new box set of clubs. The iorns, and putter were a great value but the driver and fairways needed to be upgraded imediately. I walked into my local Edwin Watts here in Tx and recieved some great help from their sales staff. I tried a couple of different drivers in the simulator and this one i kept comming back to. I have great accuracy with it. Have only played 3 rounds of 18 since i picked it up and am on the green about 90% of the time. And i have to say yes it really does help improve your club head speed. While in the simulator i was hitting a Taylormade Rocketballz and was averaging about 90, when i picked up this driver i improved my average to 97 and drove the ball about 15 yards further. With the oversized look of the face it really does have a huge sweet spot as well to make it extreemly forgiving. If you are looking for a great driver and dont want to spend a lot give this a try. I bet you will be very suprised. Thanks Edwin Watts.

Insider Review - A must-try   June 6, 2012

I have to say that I’m impressed with the Speedline products from Adams. At first I thought they would be gimmicky, what with Adams using the word “speed” in the clubs to imply more clubhead and ball speed, and thus distance. But these actually work extremely well, especially this latest driver. You can definitely clock your tee shots far with these, and in a pleasant surprise, pretty darn straight, as well. I’m no aerodynamics expert, but these have a futuristic sleek look to them that have convinced me that they reduce drag. Standing over the ball, I felt completely confident that I could crush the ball, no matter how hard I swung. And that’s key with drivers, to know that you can step it up a notch when you need to. I really liked the feel of the Graffaloy Pro Launch shaft with this, too. And the reduced price makes this a must-try.