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Brett - Heavy but solid driver   July 9, 2013

This driver is great for golfers with much faster swings. This driver is pretty heavy but it has great contact overall the face of the club. If you hit the ball of the heel, get under it or on top of the ball than it hit pretty solid. If you hit the ball of the toe...well you would never find that ball again. I am a younger and a little new to the golf game and having a fast swing than it works for me. 8-10 is my rate for this driver.

Insider Review -   May 14, 2012

I admit I could never really hit Callaway drivers until the past couple of years. For some reason, they just never looked right to my eye at address. And if set-up isn't good from the start, then the process goes only downhill from there. But I've really liked where the brand has gone with drivers since 2010, and this RAZR X Black is the best yet. It lines up well, looks great as you're standing over the ball, feels wonderful while you're swinging it and solid at impact, and really powers the ball. And I was able to work the ball nicely with it. This is a winner for I think all skill levels. Cosmetically it's a home run, too. the "forged composite" crown looks upscale and attractive, shaping is awesome.