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Zero Friction 2 3-4" Tees
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Zero Friction 2 3-4" Tees

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Martin - Good but try better   November 23, 2012

I write this because I bought the zero friction tee but it did not add any distance to my game. On other hand I gave Lignum's tee fitting system a try and I love it! I mean I was hitting the ball all over the club face because I was teeing it up on different heights every single time. I the Lignum Tees are great too as I played afew rounds with the tee until I lost it but they come with 14 in a pack and I dont think that they are made out of plastic as the packaging says bio degradable.

Hence I don't like the idea of the zero tee guys telling me that I will be adding distance to my drives because that is not true but the tee fitting stuff from Lignum tee work! I go with Lignum next time.