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Insider Review - Long-hitting   June 11, 2012

I was so excited to hit this club, when it first hit the market. At the time, I was having issues with my own driver and 3-wood, and thought a driving 3-wood would be the ultimate, versatile solution for both of those clubs. And I was right. I could hit this club a mile off the tee, and it more than sufficed as my 3-wood. Essentially, it’s a large-headed, low-lofted 3-wood. Or a small-headed, high-lofted driver. It all depends on your perspective, ad which way you happen to be using it at the moment. It has a generous, deep clubface, and you can adjust its loft and lie independently of one another. Feel is awesome, ball flight is like a rocket. Look is conservative in that classic Titleist wood kind of way. Interestingly, this year TaylorMade came out with its long-hitting Rocketballz 3-wood, which to me kind of seemed like the company’s answer to Titleist’s success. While TaylorMade’s club works great, this has a more classic look that I personally think mid- and low-handicaps will enjoy more, and still achieve the extra distance.