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Anonymous - TRY IT!   October 15, 2012

To put it simply this club is longer and straighter than any driver I have ever hit and I have hit them all: Ping G15, K15, TM Superfast 2.0, R11S, RBZ, etc, etc. I have been playing golf for about 15 years and am currently carrying a 10.8 handicap. The main reason I bought this club, besides the super low price, was because of its deep face. Recently, it seems like the big brand manufacturers, in their quest for more speed, discovered that a shallower club face has better aerodynamics. This has turned most drivers into glorified 3 woods. In my opinion speed without control = disaster, i need to be able to feel the clubhead throughout the swing for good contact. Sure these clubs are still 460cc's but all the mass is behind a narrow club face which I think hurts forgiveness and distance because your impact area is so much smaller than what you'll find with the Powerpod. If you can get past the fact that it's not a big brand name, the funny look of the club and the funny looks you'll get from others you will be pleasantly surprised. Believe me though, those funny looks will turn into dirty looks when you're hitting past your buddies and you're in the fairway. The best example I can give is when I went to play with my cousin who is a teaching pro. He of course was skeptical about the club and even though he out drives me regularly I waited till he hit a really good drive with his custom fit, $400 Cobra ZL Encore driver. Then I asked him to hit one with my $79 Powerpod. When we drove up to the two tee shots the Powerpod ball was not only 8 yards ahead of his first tee shot, it was also closer to the center if the fairway. He didn't say much after that point. The only bad thing i can say about the club is that i wish it came in stronger lofts and I had it regripped, but that was my personal preference.

Listen, there is no such thing as a miracle club, it just does not exist despite all their clever advertising. I am not saying that it is impossible to hit a slice with this club or a hook or a worm burner or a pop fly. What I can say is that this club, on well struck shots, outperforms any of the big brand clubs I've ever hit and, on not so well struck shots, also performs as good or better than the big boys. Is it the right club for you, I can't answer that, we all have different swings and builds and flexibility and personal preferences. I can say that if you are struggling with your tee shots, maybe it's time to think outside the box and give the Powerpod a try.

OssieBentworth - Five Stars   June 8, 2012

I purchased my Power Pod II while on vacation in Orlando at theTurkey Lake Rd store last April. The one I purchased was a demo but in excellent shape. My sales person was great: I got to try the club before I bought it. They found the head cover and changed the grip as well as shipping the club to me in upstate NY. In the booth I was hitting it about 20 yards farther than the driver I use regularly but what caught my attention most was how straight I was hitting this club. When I got to try the Power Pod II at my home course I found I was able to consistantly add 35-45 yards to my drives and land in the fairway. My first time out I hit 5 of 7 fairways. One of the two misses resulted from my over driving a dogleg. The other missed by about a foot. With other drivers 210 yds was a struggle. Last Wednesday night in my league I uncorked a beaut of almost 280 yards. An absolutely teriffic club but you must remember to not hit up on the ball as with other drivers. A flat or a slightly descending blow gets the best results. Oh, did I mention I'll be 70 in July.