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Hopkins Golf CJ-1 Wedge - Satin Chrome

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Hopkins Golf CJ-1 Wedge - Satin Chrome


It's like having two clubs in one


Adding a custom grind to the sole of a wedge creates two different bounce options. It plays one way when hitting it square, another when you open the face. Tour players use custom grinds and you should too.



  • Full Sole
    The Full Sole is the standard sole design on Hopkins wedges. With a medium effective bounce on square shots, this sole design is best played in normal and soft turf conditions. The Full Sole is most effective on full shots, square-faced chips and standard bunker shots.
  • Heel/Toe
    The Heelo/Toe Grind offers the lowest effective bounce of all of our custom grinds. This grind has material removed from the heel, toe and along the trailing edge of the sole. The heel and trailing edge relief lowers the leading edge of the face to ensure it gets under the ball on the tightest of lies. This grind is best used for tight lies and firm turf conditions.
  • Arc
    The Arc Grind reduces bounce on square-face shots, but maintains a high effective bounce on open-face shots since no material is removed from the heel area. The removal of material near the middle of the sole makes this grind great for normal to firm turf and soft sand conditions. This grind is also great in deep rough.
  • Shelf
    The trailing edge relief on the Shelf Grind provides a lower effective bounce on square-faced shots, but keeps a medium effective bounce on open face shots. This grind is great for full shots in firm conditions, long-distance sand shots and chips around the green.
  • Heel
    The Heel Grind removes a lot of material from the heel portion of the sole. This keeps maximum bounce on square face shots, but when the face is opened it reduces bounce dramatically. This allows for real versatility in a single club. Open the face for tighter lies and square it up for soft conditions.
  • Channel
    The Channel Grind has material removed from the center section of the sole which increases the effective bounce on open-face shots and keeps the bounce low when the face is square. Interestingly, that makes this grind great for both hard and soft sand as well as getting the ball out of deep rough.
  • Wide
    The Wide Sole is designed with added weight on the sole to produce a slightly higher ball flight for tight pins, small greens and buried lies in the sand. The wide flange with medium bounce makes this club extremely easy to hit and forgiving out of sand and high rough.