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Equipment Reviews


Welcome to the December 2009 issue of Equipment Reviews, sent out monthly exclusively to the loyal customers of Edwin Watts Golf. If you haven't already signed up for your free Equipment Reviews subscription, then please click here - there's no obligation and you can cancel at any time.


Many golf equipment manufacturers have begun previewing their 2010 gear to media and golf retailers. Lots of these exciting clubs and balls are stamped with embargo dates – meaning we cannot discuss specifics quite yet. That’s because sometimes products can be altered before they hit the market, or they may be delayed. However, we can discuss some of the equipment trends that you’ll see in the coming year, and we think you’ll be wowed by what’s in store. Look for products that will help you increase your effective clubhead speed. That is, some new drivers will weigh substantially less, to help golfers generate more swing speed. And some upcoming golf balls are built to react to slow swings as if they’ve been struck by fast swings. Many wedges next year will be available in your choice of aggressive or the new non-aggressive grooves. And you’ll also see new fairway woods that use weighting schemes and sole designs to help get the ball airborne quickly. There’s plenty more, too. Which you’ll see in due time.


Cleveland Launcher DST Line

These new woods and hybrids are all about getting you more clubhead speed and simplifying the process of getting the ball airborne. Mission accomplished. Compared to the previous Launcher driver, the new Launcher DST has 10 fewer grams of weight in the grip, 15 in the shaft, and two in the clubhead. That lightness – total club weight is less than 300g -- allows you to generate a lot more clubhead speed, which translates to more distance off the tee. On top of that, the shaft is ¼” longer than standard, which means you can use leverage to generate even more clubhead speed. Plus it’s a great-looking, pear-shaped driver that you’ll love the look of. The fairway woods have an oversized plasma-welded face, low-drag sole that improves ball contact, and upscale Mitsubishi Diamana Red 64 shaft. Five lofts are offered, including a special High Trajectory 3-wood (17°). The hybrids feature a dual rail on the sole that improves turf interaction, reduces drag and prevents digging into the ground at impact.

Odyssey White Ice Putters

These new putters bear a rich dark nickel finish that was inspired by Tour pro feedback. The putters’ center of gravity is low and deep in the putterhead, which yields an optimized roll. In fact, the head weight is optimized to the club length, creating an ideal balance to maximize feel, control and accuracy. The multi-layer face insert is 19% firmer and 92% stiffer than previous Odyssey models, which the company says enhances feel, sound, responsiveness and resiliency. And that adds up to consistent distance control on the green. These putters come in five models, including various conventional head shapes and progressive styles. There will also be more models with Odyssey’s popular 2-ball alignment system arriving at Edwin Watts Golf in February.

SkyCaddie SG5 GPS

Edwin Watts Golf is now offering this outstanding handheld GPS unit with a $50 rebate plus a free $70 bundle pack full of accessories, including a travel case, car charger, and LCD screen guards. The color-display device looks like a sleek cell phone. It’s thin, has a durable rubberized shell, and is water-resistant so you can use it in the rain. The display is always bright and adjusts to sunlight so you don’t have to shield it from the sun's glare to be able to read it. The inner workings of it are equally as sexy. You'll find the distances it provides to be deadly accurate and reliable. From the tee, it tells you distances to various possible landing areas -- and distances into the green from those points. That’s paramount when you’re strategizing how to play a hole. It’s also helpful if you’re behind a tree and can’t eye your options. The unit's "Intelligreen" technology recalculates distances based on the angle you have to the green, to show distances to major tiers, contours, false fronts and mounds. Thus, if you hit your drive into the next fairway, your view of the green will be vastly different than had you kept it in the proper fairway – as will the distance from your ball to the green and all of the bunkers and hazards. In that case, the SG5 will show you exact distances to key points on the hole you’re playing, and it’ll display the reoriented exact green map from your current perspective.


Cleveland Golf’s new Junior Series clubs for children are offered in three sizes and are designed specifically for boys and girls between ages 3 and 14. Offerings include a 325cc driver, steel hybrid, steel irons, classic-shaped wedge, alignment putter and lightweight stand bag…Putter designer Bob Bettinardi, who recently was producing putters for Mizuno, is now back on his own and will be releasing five new Country Club series putters in 2010… Sun Mountain’s 2010 Monsoon jacket is made of comfortable, lined windproof and waterproof microfiber. Shoulder gussets, adjustable cuffs, zippered side pockets, an external chest pocket, shock-cord waist, and locking zipper pulls complete this magificent jacket…Bionic’s upcoming Performance Series cabretta golf glove was designed by an orthopedic hand surgeon. It features a triple row finger grip, elongated flexion zones, patented pre-rotated fingers, and anatomically positioned terrycloth moisture management… Lee Westwood signed a multi-year contract to continue playing PING equipment…Popular Science magazine honored Callaway’s uPro GPS device with a 2009 Best of What’s New Award. As it happens, Callaway just released the uPro Go full-color GPS device…Look for some refreshing new colors and designs in the 2010 OGIO bag line.