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Equipment Reviews


Welcome to the September 2009 issue of Equipment Reviews, sent out monthly exclusively to the loyal customers of Edwin Watts Golf. If you haven't already signed up for your free Equipment Reviews subscription, then please click here - there's no obligation and you can cancel at any time.


Specifically as we approach the end of the PGA Tour season, the Internet is loaded with great information about golf clubs that Tour pros are using and testing out for next season. But some of that data is misleading. Several websites stake representative bloggers out at PGA Tour events who take photos of clubs in players’ bags and add captions with any details about the clubs that they can gather – then publish them so that they can say they were the first to report such findings. These postings often lead readers to think that the clubs and balls shown will soon be available to the public. But that isn’t necessarily the case. Equipment manufacturers have recently been expressing their frustration about this process, claiming that many of the new goods that their Tour pro staffers are playing are merely prototypes that will never make it to market, and also that details reported are often incorrect. For reliable information, several companies – such as Titleist and Cobra -- post their own Tour blogs on their websites, loaded with information about upcoming products. And just about every major equipment brand also has a Tour news section on their website that shows which pros are playing which equipment. And of course, edwinwattsgolf.com’s “Watt’s in the Bag” section displays what the winner of each event played en route to victory.


TaylorMade Raylor Hybrid

The V-shaped rail in the center of the sole helps the club slice through thick grass – helping you escape from nasty rough. A slightly sharp, pointed leading edge on this compact clubhead promotes clean face-to-ball contact, while the sole – shaped like a ship’s hull that sloped upward at the sides -- aims to glide through rough and resist slowdown and twisting. Because of its radius, the sole also helps you hit the ball solidly from sidehill lies. There is 70 percent more sole relief on the heel and toe side compared to a typical Rescue club, which makes it easier to make solid contact with any ball that’s above or below your feet. An ultra-low CG helps lift the ball up and out of trouble. Versatile, the Raylor also works nicely from fairway lies, as well, and can be used to play low, running chips or from awkward collar positions. The club’s also a half-inch longer, promoting more swing speed and leverage, and it comes in lofts of 19° and 22°. Kenny Perry has been spotted playing the club in competition this year.

Adams Idea Tech a7 Irons

Adams Golf has been leading the way with hybrids on Tour and in the public’s hands, and these new hybrid irons are proof as to why the franchise has been so successful. Each club in the set’s individually optimized to fully integrate together – for consistent yardage progression from one club to the next. Intended for mid-handicap players, the set features a 3- and 4-hybrid, a hollow-back 5 transition iron and precision engineered scoring clubs in 6-iron through pitching wedge. The 3- and 4-hybrids blend high-performance with forgiveness, incorporating sole camber that eases hitting from any lie and rear-weighting that increases carry distance. The 5 transition iron features a patented hollow-back design and a thin face, while the shorter irons bear thin top lines and sole widths for workability, as well as dual cavity-backs and stabilizer bars for forgiveness and feel. Stock shafts are your choice of the UST Proforce AXIVCore Black 85-gram graphite or True Temper Performance Lite steel.


Pinnacle’s soon introducing several new ball models. The Dimension is for golfers seeking straight flight, soft feel and long distance. Its soft, thin Ionomer cover provides cut-proof durability and its large, soft core enhances the soft feel with a high initial velocity and long distance with greenside control. The new-and-improved Gold Precision has more accuracy and distance than its predecessor, also delivering soft feel. The Gold Distance will appeal to value conscious recreational golfers who prioritize long, straight distance. And the Pinnacle Ribbon is for value-conscious women golfers seeking distance and soft feel in white and lavender pearl covers…For skilled players wanting more workability, Adams Golf will debut in October its Idea Pro Black hybrids bearing a premium non-glare black nickel-plated finish. These have been put in play 300+ times this season on the PGA, Champions and Nationwide Tours. The compact and workable clubhead features 25 grams of low/back weighting combined with a forward weight port that allows for exact swing weight and shaft adjustments. An ultra-thin stainless steel crown and a maraging steel face yield lower spin and a hotter ball flight…Want to be more like Sergio Garcia on the course? Like him, you can try TaylorMade’s upcoming Penta TP five-layer ball that aims to optimize performance in five key shot categories that skilled players need – driver, long-irons, middle-irons, short-irons and partial wedges. The ball’s five layers each play a role in optimizing performance. The soft urethane cover promotes a high spin rate on partial wedge shots; the firm/fast outer mantle promotes optimum spin off short-irons, to stop the ball quick without sucking it back; the semi-firm and fast middle mantle promotes mid-launch and mid-spin off the middle irons; the soft, fast inner mantle yields soft feel, high launch and low spin off the long irons, for distance and high, soft-landing flight; and the soft, low-compression core causes high launch and low spin off the driver… Aldila debuted the En Fuego shaft series that features three shafts with a higher CG geared toward modern clubheads. Each shaft promotes a different ball flight: Serrano - a low-to-mid launch, Wasabi - a mid-launch, and Habanero - a mid-to-high launch. Each is offered in R, S and X flexes, and sports Aldila's Micro Laminate Technology…The Nike Method putter Lucas Glover and Stewart Cink used to capture this year’s U.S. Open and British Open, respectively, will arrive to the public later this year in four blade models and one mallet.