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Bag Boy

The first Bag Boy pull golf cart was designed and made by Bruce Williamson in Portland, Oregon in 1945. The original golf cart was made out of two lawn mower wheels with flat tires mounted on an up-and-down folding, spring-suspension chassis, which could be attached to a standard golf bag.

Following this original concept, Bruce Williamson and his partner, E. Roy Jarman formed the Jarman-Williamson Company in 1946 and manufactured these basic pull golf carts from sand castings and aluminum tubing. To make the cart last longer and keep it free from expensive repairs, all the parts were designed to be bolted together making it possible to easily replace damaged parts. Die-castings were introduced into the manufacturing process in 1947 and round-shaped zero pressure tires on dish wheels were added to the up-and-down folding chassis mechanism.

In 1957, Bruce Williamson sold his interest to Roy Jarman, but the company name was retained until 1967 when it was changed to The Jarman Company. By then, the company was marketing its own golf bag, the "Cart-Mate," which was designed to attach to the Bag Boy cart by means of a few part changes. With continuous improvement in both design and methods in all products and procedures, the Bag Boy Company had grown to be international in scope.

The Jarman family sold their interests in the company in 1969 to the Browning Arms Company, a recreation equipment, development and sales organization based in Morgan, Utah. The Bag Boy Company then became a division of the Browning Arms Company.

In 1993, AMF Industries bought the Bag Boy Company and relocated it to Richmond, Virginia making it a division of The Ben Hogan Company. When the Hogan Company was sold to Spalding in 1997, a small group of managers, along with the current owner, held the Bag Boy Company out of the sale to run as a stand alone company.

In 2002, the Bag Boy company developed their first-ever push golf cart. Designed to be pushed in front of the golfer, push golf carts provide a new means to walk the course in comfort and relaxation. Bag Boy push carts quickly gained acceptance and market share and accelerated the industry wide transition from pull carts to push carts. Although pull carts are still available, 80% of Bag Boy carts sold today are push golf carts.

While the Bag Boy Company is widely recognized as a leader in the walking cart business, the company expanded its product offerings in the golf bag category and entered the travel cover market in 2000. By continuously introducing new and innovative products such as quick folding carts, Revolver golf bags and hybrid travel covers, The Bag Boy Company has become a brand leader in the golf cart, bag and travel cover markets.


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