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The Past: In the 1980s, Ashworth created what became known as "the new look of golf," which not only changed how golfers dressed, it changed how they thought about what they wore. From that arose a generation of style-conscious loyalists who favored the fit, feel and style of Ashworth off the course as well as on it.

The Present: The Ashworth revolution enhanced golf's image by changing its dress from loud and garish to cool and stylish, and by giving golfers apparel they could wear off the course with confidence. Time to make another impact. As most competitors focus exclusively on performance-oriented products, an opportunity exists for an exciting authentic brand to fill the lifestyle void. That calls for new and fresh spot-on products that resonate with the true golfer, a challenge we're uniquely qualified to meet.

The Future: Ashworth has multiple critical assets that, combined, promise a bright future: the strength of its name and heritage, the determination of a deeply talented design and marketing team (steeped in true golfers), and the depth and distribution power of The adidas Group. These advantages have Ashworth poised to differentiate itself (again) from the pack while adding contemporary relevance and clarity to the golf lifestyle category.


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